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Image of cat with text that says Netflix: Inside the mind of a cat

Inside the Mind of a Cat: a Netflix Documentary Featuring the Cornell Feline Health Center.

Recently, our own Dr. Bruce Kornreich, Director of the Cornell Feline Health Center, and other feline experts took part in the production of a new documentary titled “Inside the Mind of a Cat”. This unique film examines the physiology, behavior, and history of our furry friends and their special bond with people, and is currently available for viewing on Netflix.

Red Rock Films, producer of the Emmy-winning 2021 National Geographic series “Secrets of the Whales,” invited Kornreich to participate in the project, one he says supports the center’s outreach mission to improve feline well-being through education.

Read more in the Cornell Chronicle article covering the debut of the film.

Watch the Trailer

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Settle in and enjoy.

The film explores new research revealing insights into what makes cats unique and how our furry friends always seem to land on their feet. Through interviews with behavior specialists, pet therapists, feline veterinary experts, and people like the owners of the Savitsky Cats, a trained cat act that made the quarterfinals of America’s Got Talent, we learn that cats may sometimes be aloof; however, you can truly teach them anything.

How do cats’ whiskers help them navigate space? 

Why do cats always land on their feet? 

Learn the answers to this and more…

Photo of Dr. Bruce Kornreich, Director of Cornell Feline Health Center from the Netflix documentary, Inside the Mind of a Cat
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Upcoming Event:
February 18th at The State Theater in Ithaca, NY

Locals and cat lovers alike, join us for this community screening of “Inside the Mind of a Cat.”

On Feb. 18th, The State Theatre of Ithaca is collaborating with Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine to present a public community screening of the family-friendly documentary, “Inside the Mind of a Cat.”  We are excited to be able to bring the community together for a free screening at The State Theatre of Ithaca.

Dr. Bruce Kornreich, Director of the Cornell Feline Health Center, who participated in making this film, will be on hand, along with our friends from the Alley Cat Café of Ithaca, and the Tompkins County SPCA, to provide a Question & Answer session after the film concludes.

Click here for event Information

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